Rapid1stAid Website Design with e-commerce

Rapid1stAid Website Design NSW

A website design made to be user friendly and fast

Rapid1st Aid is an established first aid and training business in NSW. Anne needed her website to be more mobile friendly and engaging to her clients.

QLD Business Support Services set out to create a new and exciting website using for the main menu of the site a button like effect on the home page, this allowing easy mobile interaction.

The website was a complex one as it not only needed a site to advertise the training it required an online store, customer client costings and a membership program for selected client offerings.

Some of the website design features

  • Mobile Responsive Design 
  • Easy to Navigate
  •  Blog Content Page
  • Membership system
  • Integrate the RTOs training booking system
  • Content development for pages
  • Client Portal
  • Customer Pricing for Wholesale and Special Program through ecommerce

What services were provided

  • Stripe Payment Gateway Setup 
  • Email Configuration and setup
  • E-Commerce setup
  • Client Portal Setup 
  • Website Terms and Conditions
  • Custom Forms
  • Mapping to track AEDS

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